Cornelius kegs

We supply from our European warehouse used Cornelius kegs, also known as Soda Kegs or Corny Kegs.
This is best solution for storing and transporting any beverages.
All kegs are used, in good condition, cleaned and polished, with new O-rings and pressure valves. Tested for pressure.
We can offer ball lock and pin lock type of connection kegs. All kegs produced in Europe by AEB company. Also we offer connectors for ball lock and pin lock valves.


Keg prices

Today we discuss about commercial used keg prices.
In the April 2016 on the European beer keg market we can see many offers from keg suppliers.
Most popular and salable keg type is 30L DIN. Average price is 40-45 euro for 1 used keg with A-type head.

Also, many of suppliers can offer other types of kegs with lower price. This is not popular EURO-size standard kegs, kegs with unpopular fittings (like S and U systems) and kegs with non-standard volume sizes - 15L, 20L and 25L. This cheapest kegs may cost 25 or 30 euro for 1 pc.


Beer keg names

In the world are many names for beer kegs. Many languages uses word "keg" from Deutsche.
English language countries uses standard name "beer keg". Germany uses words "bier fass".
In Poland this is "beczka do piwa". In Lithuania - "alaus statine".


Encyclopedia of Beer Keg Sizes

Most popular size is 30L kegs - this is standard size of beer kegs in Eastern Europe countries, like as Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and many other countries.
Second size by popularity is 50L kegs - earlier it was most popular, but now many breweries wants to use 30L kegs, because it can be handled by one person.
Kegs DIN standard size 363mm in diameter and a height of 400mm (30-liter kegs) and 600 mm (for 50-liter kegs).
Kegs EURO standard bit wider and lower - standard size 395mm in diameter and 365mm height (for 30L kegs) and 532mm (for 50l kegs).


Keg spear


Keg spear have a two parts: a tube fitting and the connecting head, which are interconnected like a fork with a socket.
In common parlance the coupling head is also called "ker connector" and "keg head".
Connection head is used to connect the gas (CO2) and the beer lines. The tube fitting is immersed in the beer which it is pushed through the gas under pressure (of approx. 2.4 bar) and is fed via the coupling head on the beer cooler.


Kegs use

At present, beer kegs are the most versatile and practical way to store and deliver beer. If you make beer or other carbonated beverages (kvass, cider, lemonade, etc.), there is a need to spill beer:
a) in any kind of package for delivery to the retail outlet
b) spill beer from containers at the place of sale.


Beer keg types

There are many types of beer kegs. Kegs are made of different volumes and different embodiments.
In Europe and the CIS countries using standard kegs maded by European manufacturers from high-quality food steel, by typical volume 20, 30 and 50 liters.
These kegs are made ​​in two standard versions: DIN and EURO, which differ in external dimensions.


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