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Beer keg types

There are many types of beer kegs. Kegs are made of different volumes and different embodiments.

In Europe and the CIS countries using standard kegs maded by European manufacturers from high-quality food steel, by typical volume 20, 30 and 50 liters. 918kiss Download
These kegs are made ​​in two standard versions: DIN and EURO, which differ in external dimensions.

Kegs are the DIN standard size 363mm in diameter and a height of 400mm (30-liter kegs) and 600 mm (for 50-liter kegs). Weight is 9.1kg kegs and 11.4kg respectively.
Kegs standard EURO bit wider and lower – standard size 395mm in diameter and 365mm height (for 30L kegs) and 532mm (for 50l kegs). The weight of such kegs 9.9kg and 11.8kg respectively.

There are also using type of kegs «Plus Keg» in polyurethane sheath. They differ from conventional keg special outer coating of polyurethane, 1-2 mm thick, which makes it possible to reduce the noise when working with kegs and serves beer additional protection from temperature extremes (though quite small). Carry handles in such kegs are made of the same polyurethane that reduces lifetime kegs, as by careless handling handles break and keg becomes untransportable. Also, these kegs are cheaper to manufacture, as per keg requires less material (high quality stainless steel).

A little less used kegs by «Finn Keg» – they are equipped with non-removable protective plastic covers on the top and bottom of kegs. In addition to protecting against damage kegs, these covers also serve as handles for carrying kegs, allow more reliable stacking kegs, and in addition, provide an easy opportunity branding kegs, ie the application of company logos and advertising slogans beer producer. In the CIS, Finn kegs used for beer Baltika, BBH and Royal Unibrew.

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  1. Also another type Cornelius kegs, volume 19L. Ball-lock or pin-lock connector types.

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