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Brewery equipment for sale

Since 2009 we are selling the brewery equipment to our clients.

Most popular orders for breweries is beer kegs, keg fittings and keg couplers, keg washers, fermentation tanks, chillers, mills for the malt and other beverage industry equipment.

Popular for the retail and for homebrewing is Cornelius kegs, beer kegs, couplers and taps.

We sell new and used equipment from the bigger European manufacturers, like a SALM (Austria), Micromatic (Denmark), Destila, Brewmaster (Czech), BlonderBeer (Slovakia), ZIP (Hungary), Spadoni (Italy) and many others.

All equipment is selling with the warranty and post-service.

Shipping to the client from the warehouses in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Spain).

Ask us now about your needs and we will help to you found best solution for the best value! Also you can contact us if you want to sell used equipment for the brewery.

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Beer keg types

There are many types of beer kegs. Kegs are made of different volumes and different embodiments.

In Europe and the CIS countries using standard kegs maded by European manufacturers from high-quality food steel, by typical volume 20, 30 and 50 liters. 918kiss Download
These kegs are made ​​in two standard versions: DIN and EURO, which differ in external dimensions.

Kegs are the DIN standard size 363mm in diameter and a height of 400mm (30-liter kegs) and 600 mm (for 50-liter kegs). Weight is 9.1kg kegs and 11.4kg respectively.
Kegs standard EURO bit wider and lower – standard size 395mm in diameter and 365mm height (for 30L kegs) and 532mm (for 50l kegs). The weight of such kegs 9.9kg and 11.8kg respectively.

There are also using type of kegs «Plus Keg» in polyurethane sheath. They differ from conventional keg special outer coating of polyurethane, 1-2 mm thick, which makes it possible to reduce the noise when working with kegs and serves beer additional protection from temperature extremes (though quite small). Carry handles in such kegs are made of the same polyurethane that reduces lifetime kegs, as by careless handling handles break and keg becomes untransportable. Also, these kegs are cheaper to manufacture, as per keg requires less material (high quality stainless steel).

A little less used kegs by «Finn Keg» – they are equipped with non-removable protective plastic covers on the top and bottom of kegs. In addition to protecting against damage kegs, these covers also serve as handles for carrying kegs, allow more reliable stacking kegs, and in addition, provide an easy opportunity branding kegs, ie the application of company logos and advertising slogans beer producer. In the CIS, Finn kegs used for beer Baltika, BBH and Royal Unibrew.

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Why kegs are useful

At present, beer kegs are the most versatile and practical way to store and deliver beer. If you make beer or other carbonated beverages (kvass, cider, lemonade, etc.), there is a need to spill beer:

a) in any kind of package for delivery to the retail outlet
b) spill beer from containers at the place of sale. Mega888 Hack
At the same containers for beer must meet the following requirements: to provide the necessary storage conditions of the product (ie, no direct sunlight); compliance with sanitary norms of the beer; possibility of transportation of beer on a commercial scale, perhaps over long distances; the possibility of pouring beer at the point of sale with the necessary conditions (permeability, ie the ban on the entry of air into the beer).
Earlier universal container for beer were wooden barrels, but with the passage of time and the development of production technology has become possible to metal containers for transport and storage of beer. At the end of the twentieth century beer kegs began to be used widely and is becoming more and more popular with the development of the world market of beer and other beverages. Combining all the necessary qualities to be used, beer kegs have become the industry standard, which is now used by all major manufacturers of beverages, beer companies and international corporations such as Coca-Cola and others.
Kegs are the perfect container for beer, providing a reliable Bay beer keg and tap beer in the point of sale (bar, shop, mobile point).
Kegs provide convenient logistics beer – loading, unloading, palletizing, stacking and transporting any kind of transport.
Kegs allow hermetically store beer, provide secondary fermentation of beer in the tank and spilling beer without getting into oxygen, which causes oxidation.
Kegs have the necessary production characteristics – ease of use in cleaning and disinfection (including disinfection by steam, the easiest and most reliable way).
Kegs are also durable equipment lifetime 10-20 years, besides the main producers keg give their products a guarantee of up to 30 years of use.

(c) KegTrade

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Keg spear fittings and coupler types


Keg spear have a two parts: a tube fitting and the connecting head, which are interconnected like a fork with a socket. Joker Casino Malaysia
In common parlance the coupling head is also called “ker connector” and “keg head”.
Connection head is used to connect the gas (CO2) and the beer lines. The tube fitting is immersed in the beer which it is pushed through the gas under pressure (of approx. 2.4 bar) and is fed via the coupling head on the beer cooler.


It is important to know that the keg fittings are of different types, which are incompatible with each other – manufacturers of keg beer prevented from dispensing beer competitors.
There are 6 types of keg fittings: A, D, G, M, S, U

A-type system also known as “Flach”. This is most popular fitting system. Used by all Europe.
D-type system also known as “Korb D”. Used in Europe.
G-type system also known as “Flach T”. Used in Europe.
M-type system also known as “Kombi”. Used in Europe, Ukraine and Russia.
S-type system also known as “Korb”. Used in Europe and UK.
U-type system also known as “Korb U”. Used in United Kingdom.


Fitting systems have a 5 types of thread:
Market standard is 2″ x 14 TPI.
Less popular two other systems: RD 52 x 6 TPI and RD 52,8 x 6 TPI (also called “big thread”). Very rare system 2 1/8″ x 7 TPI. Also, keg fittings may have a lock-type system without thread (with tamper evident ring) aka Special Neck.

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Encyclopedia of Beer Keg Sizes

Most popular size is 30L kegs – this is standard size of beer kegs in Eastern Europe countries, like as Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and many other countries. Pussy888 Malaysia

Second size by popularity is 50L kegs – earlier it was most popular, but now many breweries wants to use 30L kegs, because it can be handled by one person.
Kegs DIN standard size 363mm in diameter and a height of 400mm (30-liter kegs) and 600 mm (for 50-liter kegs).
Kegs EURO standard bit wider and lower – standard size 395mm in diameter and 365mm height (for 30L kegs) and 532mm (for 50l kegs).

Now we have a big quantity of beer keg sizes in the keg fleet of Europe. Besides of this two popular sizes, we can see kegs with other volumes.
This is 25L and 20L, used in not big breweries and for not very popular types of produced beers.
Also, in use 15L and 10L kegs, for very small batches and experiments. Many home brewers use 19L Cornelius kegs for homebrewing and maturation.
In the rare cases, breweries use 5L kegs, but this is not usable in the usual situations.

Except this standard sizes for Europe, in England in use non-standard volume kegs – 46L (10 gallons) and 58L (15.5 gallons). Usually this kegs is Euro-standard dimensions with fittings type U and S.
Also in United Kingdom in use some other keg sizes, like a 70L and 100L barrels, with non-standard fitting types, for example: cork and cask type of connection.

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Beer keg names

In the world are many names for beer kegs. Live22 Download
Many languages uses word “keg” from Deutsche language.

English language countries uses standard name “beer keg”. Also in Britain popular “cask” and “barrel”.

Germany uses words “bier fass”.

Spainish name for keg is “barrila de cerveza”
In Poland this is “beczka do piwa”.

In Lithuania – “alaus statine”.

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Used beer keg prices

Today we discuss about commercial used keg prices. Xe88 Download
In the April 2018 on the European beer keg market we can see many offers from keg suppliers.
Most popular and salable keg type is 30L DIN. Average price is 40-45 euro for 1 used keg with A-type head.

Also, many of suppliers can offer other types of kegs with lower price. This is less popular EURO-size standard kegs, or kegs with unpopular fittings (like S and U systems) and kegs with non-standard volume sizes – 15L, 20L and 25L. This cheapest kegs may cost 25 or 30 euro for 1 pc.

Chinese manufacturers offer new manufactured beer kegs, price is approx.60 euro.
European manufacturers keep their prices at highest level, 80-90 euro for 1 keg.
Cornelius “soda” kegs also on high demand in the homebrew community, price for used keg approximately up to 50 euro.

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