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Brewery equipment for sale

Since 2009 we are selling the brewery equipment to our clients.

Most popular orders for breweries is beer kegs, keg fittings and keg couplers, keg washers, fermentation tanks, chillers, mills for the malt and other beverage industry equipment.

Popular for the retail and for homebrewing is Cornelius kegs, beer kegs, couplers and taps.

We sell new and used equipment from the bigger European manufacturers, like a SALM (Austria), Micromatic (Denmark), Destila, Brewmaster (Czech), BlonderBeer (Slovakia), ZIP (Hungary), Spadoni (Italy) and many others.

All equipment is selling with the warranty and post-service.

Shipping to the client from the warehouses in Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Spain).

Ask us now about your needs and we will help to you found best solution for the best value! Also you can contact us if you want to sell used equipment for the brewery.