PET Keg 30L by RKEG


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Key Benefits

Adapter for changeover from metal keg to Rkeg without replacing your filling line.

Reducing expenses.
Rkeg does not require a compulsory return and can be recycled upon the first use.

Suitable for all keg-filling lines. No additional investments, even for the lines intended for metal kegs.
Quick start with minimum investments.
No considerable capital investments or freezing of funds will be required to purchase or replenish the stock of metal kegs. Rkeg can be bought or manufactured in the necessary amounts.

Multiple use of Rkeg of increased strength is permissible only after testing, development of cleaning methods and obtaining permission from the relevant authorities in the country of use.

Basic keg spear parameters
Cap types: «А», «G», «D», «S».
The spear is completed with a pressure-relief cap.
Lock-collar spear.
Closing method: Capping type, Adapter for changeover from metal keg to Rkeg without replacing your filling line.

Spear design allows for the automatic pressure relief, if the highest working pressure is exceeded by more than 1.5 times.

Unique keg spears
Overpressure protection prevents Rkeg from bursting.

Two-tier protection in spears A and G: Safety-valved sealing cuff is pushed out, if the highest operating pressure exceeds more than 1.5 times. Protective membranes ensure pressure release, if even something hinders the sealing cuff.

Reliable lock protecting against unauthorized opening. Just put the cap on the spear and press until it clicks. Latched thread lock makes it impossible to untwist the spear manually, while all damages occurring due to such untwisting are clearly visible.

Technical Specifications
Recommended when transporting / warehousing:
Rkeg 30 L 2 tiers / 4 tiers
Rkeg 20 L 2 tiers / 4 tiers
Rkeg 9,5 L 3 tiers / 6 tiers
Rkeg 5 L 5 tiers / 10 tiers
Working pressure – up to 3 bar
Pressure limit (bursting pressure)
Rkeg classic – from 7 bar
Rkeg green of increased strength – from 8 bar
Weight without fitting – 375, 400, 425, or 550 g
Volume – 5 9,5 20 and 30L

Its overall design, bottom design, and material distribution make the Rkeg incredibly strong and allow it to withstand:

Drop test at 1.2 m
Landing vertically on the bottom, as well as on the spear vertically and at an angle of 45°.

Puncture test
It does not burst if the side wall is punctured with a sharp object in accordance with the international testing methods.

Chemical resistance test
Tested in accordance with the international industry-specific methods.

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