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Used beer keg prices (update 2022)

Today we discuss about commercial used keg prices. Xe88 Download
In the April 2018 on the European beer keg market we can see many offers from keg suppliers.
Most popular and salable keg type is 30L DIN. Average price is 40-45 euro for 1 used keg with A-type head.

Also, many of suppliers can offer other types of kegs with lower price. This is less popular EURO-size standard kegs, or kegs with unpopular fittings (like S and U systems) and kegs with non-standard volume sizes – 15L, 20L and 25L. This cheapest kegs may cost 25 or 30 euro for 1 pc.

Chinese manufacturers offer new manufactured beer kegs, price is approx.60 euro.
European manufacturers keep their prices at highest level, 80-90 euro for 1 keg.
Cornelius “soda” kegs also on high demand in the homebrew community, price for used keg approximately up to 50 euro.

UPDATE 10.01.2022

At this moment of winter the market is waiting for new year of production and distribution.

The prices is little high, for example now in Europe 30L DIN used keg costs 42-48 EUR per keg.

Used beer keg 50L now have a price around 44-52 EUR per keg (with A type fitting, other types may be cheaper).

Chinese stainless kegs is around 65 euro per keg and China have a holidays now, so kegs can be delivered only 1-2 month.

Cornelius kegs now is most popular choice, price 55 eur for one keg. Please note this kegs better to ship 6x quantity, so order you 6, 12 or 18 kegs with low cost delivery service by our partners DPD EUROPE.

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