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Why kegs are useful

At present, beer kegs are the most versatile and practical way to store and deliver beer. If you make beer or other carbonated beverages (kvass, cider, lemonade, etc.), there is a need to spill beer:

a) in any kind of package for delivery to the retail outlet
b) spill beer from containers at the place of sale. Mega888 Hack
At the same containers for beer must meet the following requirements: to provide the necessary storage conditions of the product (ie, no direct sunlight); compliance with sanitary norms of the beer; possibility of transportation of beer on a commercial scale, perhaps over long distances; the possibility of pouring beer at the point of sale with the necessary conditions (permeability, ie the ban on the entry of air into the beer).
Earlier universal container for beer were wooden barrels, but with the passage of time and the development of production technology has become possible to metal containers for transport and storage of beer. At the end of the twentieth century beer kegs began to be used widely and is becoming more and more popular with the development of the world market of beer and other beverages. Combining all the necessary qualities to be used, beer kegs have become the industry standard, which is now used by all major manufacturers of beverages, beer companies and international corporations such as Coca-Cola and others.
Kegs are the perfect container for beer, providing a reliable Bay beer keg and tap beer in the point of sale (bar, shop, mobile point).
Kegs provide convenient logistics beer – loading, unloading, palletizing, stacking and transporting any kind of transport.
Kegs allow hermetically store beer, provide secondary fermentation of beer in the tank and spilling beer without getting into oxygen, which causes oxidation.
Kegs have the necessary production characteristics – ease of use in cleaning and disinfection (including disinfection by steam, the easiest and most reliable way).
Kegs are also durable equipment lifetime 10-20 years, besides the main producers keg give their products a guarantee of up to 30 years of use.

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